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  • Mood: Zest
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  • Reading: The Death Cure
  • Watching: American Ninja Warrior
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Well, unbelievable.

Looks like the mapping career opportunity came through! They offered me the job yesterday afternoon!

Starting next Tuesday, I will officially become a GIS Technician. That means I will be using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to assist in forms of data collection, data representation, and map creation. The company's focus and objective is working with transportation systems (streets, roads, intersections, possibly highways) and developing ways in which to improve them. And with a target area spread over the contiguous 48 states, there are a lot of roads to analyze, and a lot of possibility for travel :nod: And I am so excited!

So, yeah, I'm going to have to quit my movie theatre job,after working there for only a day...what a waste, but you do what you have to do ^^;

Still, I want to spread encouragement to the unemployed, don't give up hope. There's usually something to take away that you can use as a positive side. With unemployment, the biggest asset is time. You can use that time for physical and health improvement, inner meditation, spiritual growth or just fun. Although, without work, you usually don't appreciate the leisure as much, but with work, from what I hear, you will be wanting more leisure time. If you want to help your situation, try using that time learning or refining a skill (art, mechanics, language, communication etc.), using the Internet to learn new ones (computer skills, design skills, software/programming etc.) that could be relevant to a job. They would make great examples for interviews. =) Or, try volunteering at a place you love, or a place you're interested in working. In doing so you can add a new entry to your resume and establish a reputation. They very well can think of you first when a position opens. :thumbsup: And when there was absolutely nothing else going for me a little prayer never hurt. ;)

But yeah, that's the official update. Thanks for reading. Hope you'll stay tuned for the art or other journals =)


Dana T.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hey, what's up?

About me: I am Black/African-American and Christian.
I am 21 years old.
My art mostly consists of digital but I do some traditional art, literature and rap as well. My main genres of specialty are sci-fi, architecture/landscape and anthro. I do some conceptual works or people on the side as well.

I have a strong passion for art, so a lot of it I do for enjoyment, but additionally, I believe that art should be a medium of escape from the stressful work-schedules, decision-making, and drama which is real life. With that said, I realize that art is one of the only venues to free your imagination like a dream. Plus, it always helps to add a little humor which is why I will bring out my inner child with anthro and draw bears stepping onto a dance floor or a crocodile about to be arrested. I promise that most of the art I will provide is imagery that you're not going to see anywhere else. (Sci-Fi and Landscape included)

To me, it's rather disappointing most people don't go this direction and illustrate mainstream pop culture fanart, anime, still life, realism, or simple people posing in some type of natural environment. These are genres where if you don't see one of the subjects nearly everyday in real life, you've seen a large percentage of artists already do it.
My art wants to be art that takes you new places, puts you in the front seat of new perspective, and plays around with possibilty.

Regardless of what I disapproved of earlier, I still believe it's important to do what's in your heart, making sure you express yourself just as long as you don't intentionally hurt/offend anyone in the process and as long as you're taking care of responsibility. (Keep those grades up!)

So if fanart/anime makes you happy and you're a hobbyist like me, have fun. =)

If you got any questions about me, my beliefs, or my art, or just wanna talk-- feel free to note me PLEASE! I appreciate every watcher and comment!

"Find your path, Believe in your path, and Live it" -- Common

My Art:
:bulletblue: Mostly Self Taught --learned from experimentation and visualization from real life and other artist styles.
:bulletblue: Digitally drawn with ONE layer prior to Septmeber 2012 (Information HQ, Strata, Overriding Your System)
:bulletblue: 100% drawn with mouse.

I am a fan of action movies, videogames and martial arts.
Rapper, dancer, and sci-fi book writer. (working on singing)
I had a dog--Yorkshire Terrier--named Coolio. Now I have a dog (same breed) and her name is Pepper.
Am relatively short and young-looking but have a really deep voice like a radio DJ.
Started drawing since the age of 3 and started writing since 7
Prefer notebooks over sketchbooks and am enthusiastic about recycling paper.
Was planning to become an architect but switched to a Geography Major.

Current Residence: The Midwest
Favourite genre of music: Techno and rap
Favourite style of art: Sci-Fi, Architecture and Anthro
Favourite cartoon character: Brian and Stewie Griffin

-My blog is dedicated to one of my favorite venues of expression, written art, music and performance, RAPPING. Here you will find tutorials that can strengthen your poetic/rhyming and rapping capabilities, editorials about the subjects of hip-hop rap, links to music and quality artists...and more.
Are you:
- Curious or Interested in rapping or the music form?
- An Unbeliever or Hater in the rap genre?

Do you know how much there is to learn about rap regarding technique, innovation, interpretation, delivery, and just plain writing and rhyming?

Check out my blog Prestoverse below! And read a post or two. You very well might like it and develop a new appreciation/understanding of rap and some of the "unheard-of" artists out there.

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Dear Writer,

Welcome to the Criticarium. Please take a moment to read the submission rules and get started by submitting one or more draft works to get a basic review and guidelines.

If you have any questions, ideas or feedback, please feel free to note MayaTheHobbit, comment on the group, or visit the chatroom, #CriticsRoom.

Good luck and have fun!
DTKinetic Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Alright, I'll keep that in mind, thank you =)
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